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  • PTA Advanced Proficiency Program: Orthopaedics

    Orthopaedic Program Overview:
    Upon completion of this program you will receive 60+ contact hours of continuing education courses on discipline and content specific topics. Over 60 hours of continuing education classes which include both didactic/cognitive materials as well as hands-on, lab format material will be included. You will receive 30 mentoring hours from an Orthopaedic specialist. Lastly you will have all knowledge and skill assessment tools needed to complete the APTA APP Program Portfolio.

    Important Dates:

    • Enrollment Opens: September 1, 2017
    • Program will begin early 2018

    The program curriculum covers everything from therapeutic taping techniques  to management of post operative conditions and exercise dosing strategies. Below are a list of courses you will be expected to complete.

    • Therapeutic Exercise Dosing for Patients with Orthopaedic Dysfunction
    • Introduction to Therapeutic Taping: Principles Utilizing Therapeutic Tape to Promote Functional Outcomes.
    • Brooks IHL Scholarly Symposium 
    • Total Knee Arthroplasty: Strategies to Provide Excellent Outcomes in Today’s Shrinking Reimbursement Environment (online course)
    • Rehabilitation of the ACL Injury: The old, the New, the Best (online course)
    • PTA Orthopaedic Foundations (this will be a unique class directed specifically to PTA’s)

    How to Enroll:
    Simply select the number of tickets you wish to purchase and click the "Order Now" button to pay by credit card. After payment, you will receive an email confirmation of enrollment. This email will include directions for next steps.