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    EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY & COMMUNITY HEALTH STUDENTS  - The Brooks Rehabilitation Wellness programs allow individuals with disabilities to continue therapeutic exercise during and after traditional inpatient and outpatient therapy.  Participants can maximize neuroplasticity during recovery and benefit from lifelong wellness opportunities.

    All members receive an evaluation by a neurologically trained physical therapist to determine the most effective programming to maximize their potential for neuroplasticity, recovery and wellness.  Following an evaluation, the clinical experts at Brooks Wellness develop a customized rehab program to meet each member’s specific needs.  Visits are scheduled for set up and orientation for the interventions which have been selected.  These advanced treatment options range from one-on-one interventions to supervised exercise and group activities with members who are at varying stages of recovery.

    The Brooks Rehabilitation Clinical Wellness Internship Includes: 

    • Rotating schedule at each Brooks Wellness site; NRC, Stroke, Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Wellness
    • It a unique not-for-profit program, the only one of its kind in Florida
    • Has specially trained neurological experts
    • Utilizes a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, technology and traditional gym settings
    • Provides community fitness/ wellness programming for neurologically affected patients
    • Focuses on evidence-based treatment approaches
    • Accepts a combination of insurance and out of pocket fees make the program affordable for any income level

    To apply, please fill out the application by CLICKING HERE. All applications with an attached resume are to be filled out electronically and submitted to Sarah Schilling at Sarah.Schilling@Brooksrehab.org.   

    For questions regarding the Wellness Programs at Brooks Rehabilitation please contact Sarah Schilling at Sarah.Schilling@Brooksrehab.org.