• Faculty
  • Steven Z. George, PT, PhD

    • Title: Associate Professor and Assistant Department Chair
    • Employer: University of Florida, Department of Physical Therapy
    • Telephone: (352) 273-6432
    • Email: szgeorge@phhp.ufl.edu

    Steven Z. George, PT, PhD is Associate Professor and Assistant Department Chair at the University of Florida, Department of Physical Therapy. Dr. George currently serves as adjunct faculty for the Residency Programs at Brooks Rehabilitation. His responsibilities include the teaching of musculoskeletal pain and he also is available for mentoring on resident research projects.

    • Fellowship: Pain and Rehabilitation Outcomes, University of Florida
    • Doctorate: Rehabilitation Science, University of Pittsburgh
    • Masters: Orthopedic Physical Therapy, University of Pittsburgh
    • Bachelors: Physical Therapy, West Virginia University

    Dr. George’s primary interest is research involving the use of biopsychosocial models for the prevention and treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain disorders. His current and past research projects include: 1) Developing and testing behavioral interventions for patients with low back pain; 2) Investigating the interaction between pain related genetic and psychological factors in the development of post-operative chronic shoulder pain; 3) Investigating pain sensitivity mechanisms and efficacy of manual therapy; and 4) Developing and testing low back pain prevention programs for Soldiers in the United States Army. His research has been supported by the University of Florida, National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, Brooks Endowment, Orthopaedic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association and Foundation for Physical Therapy.

    Dr. George teaches the evidence based practice sequence at the University of Florida. In addition Dr. George has authored over 120 peer-reviewed publications in physical therapy, rehabilitation, orthopedic, and pain research journals. Dr. George currently serves as an Editorial Board Member for Physical Therapy and an International Editorial Review Board Member for Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. Finally, Dr. George has been an invited speaker at many national and international conferences.

    Dr. George is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association, American Pain Society, and International Association for the Study of Pain often attending annual conferences and serving on committees. In addition, Dr. George has been an active grant reviewer for different associations, including the National Institutes of Health and the Orthopaedic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association.

    Ulf Lindblom Young Investigator Award for Clinical Sciences 
    Honors independence as a scholar in the field of pain (clinical sciences) 
    August 2012 – World Congress on Pain, International Association for the Study of Pain

    John C. Liebeskind Early Career Scholar Award 
    Recognition of exceptional accomplishment and promise in pain scholarship 
    May 2009 – Annual Scientific Meeting, American Pain Society

    Eugene Michels New Investigator Award 
    Acknowledgment of an outstanding new investigator with commitment to a defined research theme 
    June 2007 – Annual Conference and Exposition, American Physical Therapy Association

    Mary Lou Barnes Distinguished Professional Service Award 
    Significant contributions to physical therapy through excellence in teaching, research, or service
    March 2012 - West Virginia University, Division of Physical Therapy

    Jack Wessel Excellence Award for Assistant Professors 
    Recognition of outstanding accomplishments as an assistant professor 
    April 2009 – University of Florida

    The Spine Journal Outstanding Paper Award (Runner-up in Value Category)
    October 2012 – North American Spine Society Outstanding Paper Award Selection Committee 
    “Prevention of low back pain in the military (POLM) cluster randomized trial: effects of brief psychosocial education on total and low back pain related health care costs” 
    Childs JD, Wu SS, Teyhen DS, Robinson ME, George SZ.

    JOSPT Excellence in Research Award 
    Best research article published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy 
    February 2010 – Orthopaedic and Sports Sections, APTA 
    “A randomized sham-controlled trial of a neurodynamic technique in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome” 
    Bialosky JE, Bishop MD, Price DD, Robinson ME, Vincent KR, George SZ

    Jack Walker Award
    Contribution to the understanding of clinical practice and patient care published in Physical Therapy
    June 2003 - Chattanooga Corporation and APTA 
    “Identifying psychosocial variables in patients with acute, work-related low back pain: the importance of fear-avoidance beliefs” 
    Fritz JM and George SZ

    Rose Excellence in Research Award 
    Recognition of research article with significant impact on orthopaedic physical therapy practice. 
    February 2003 - Orthopaedic Section, APTA 
    “The role of fear-avoidance beliefs in acute low back pain: relationships with current and future disability and work status” 
    Fritz JM, George SZ, Delitto A