• Faculty
  • Mark Bowden, PT, PhD

    • Title: Department of Health Sciences and Research
    • Employer: Medical University of South Carolina
    • Telephone: 843.792.5036
    • Email: bowdenm@musc.edu
    Full Bio

    Mark Bowden, PhD, PT has 17 years of experience as a physical therapist, working as a clinical practitioner, therapy manager, research physical therapist, and researcher. He received his BS in Psychology in 1991 and his MS, PT in 1995, both from Duke University. He received his PhD in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Florida in May 2009 where his doctoral work concentrated on movement dysfunction after neurologic injury, specifically measurement of activity specific behavioral recovery. Presently, he serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Science and Research at the Medical University of South Carolina and as a Research Health Scientist at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center in Charleston, SC.

    • Bachelors: Psychology, Duke University, Durham, NC
    • Masters: Physical Therapy, Duke University, Durham, NC
    • PhD: Rehabilitation Science Doctoral Program, Emphasis: Movement Science, University of Florida

    Dr. Bowden’s current research emphasis is on walking recovery after neurologic injury, focusing on both outcome measurement and treatment interventions. Dr. Bowden draws from his clinical background and experience with quantitative assessment tools to examine motor learning as it relates to functional walking recovery.

    Teaching History

    MUSC Health and Rehabilitation Science Doctoral Program Curricula

    - HRS 730 and 725. Independent Study

    Physical Therapy Curricula 

    1. 2010 to present. Medical University of South Carolina

    - PT 750. Research Seminar
    - PT 755. Neuromuscular I
    - PT 756. Neuromuscular II
    - PT 764. Evidence Based Practice I
    - PT 765. Evidence Based Practice II
    - PT 766. Evidence Based Practice III

    2. 2008 to present. Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, part of the Brooks Physical Therapy Neurologic Residency. Jacksonville, FL.

    3. 2007 to present. Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, part of PT 771, Adult Neurotherapeutics in the DPT curriculum, Shenandoah University. Winchester, VA.

    4. Fall 2002-2010. Lab Assistant and Guest Lecturer, PHT 6319C, Adult Neurological Rehabilitation. University of Florida Physical Therapy Program. Topics include

    - Introduction to Rehabilitation
    - Early Management of the SCI Patient
    - Bracewalking
    - Standardized Evaluations
    - Introduction to Wheelchair Prescription
    - Walking Interventions Post Stroke

    5. Fall, 2000. University Medical Center School of Physical Therapy, Current administrative topics in rehabilitation. Jackson, MS.

    Other Curricula

    1. 2010 to present. Guest Lecturer, OT-530, Occcupational Performance for Neurological Conditions I, MUSC Division of Occupational Therapy, Charleston, SC.
    2. 2004 to 2009. Guest Lecturer, RSD 6110, Introduction to Rehabilitation Science. History of Physical Therapy Practice. UF RSD Program. Gainesville, FL.
    3. 2004 to 2009. Guest Lecturer, US Health Care System. Introduction to Rehabilitation. UF Health Sciences Program. Gainesville, FL.

    Subject Matter/Expert Reviewer

    1. American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    2. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    3. Experimental Brain Research
    4. Gait and Posture
    5. Journal of Biomechanics
    6. Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy
    7. Journal of the Neurological Sciences
    8. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development
    9. Medical Engineering and Physics
    10. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair
    11. Physical Therapy Journal
    12. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice
    13. Spinal Cord 
    14. Stroke
    15. Topics in Spinal Cord Rehabilitation


    1. 2009 Dean’s Scholar Award, University of Florida, College of Public Health and Health Professions
    2. 2008 American Physical Therapy Association Neurology Section Post-Professional Student Award, presented at the February, 2008 Combined Sections Meeting, Nashville, TN.
    3. 2006 UF College of Public Health and Health Professions 2nd Annual Neuromuscular Plasticity Symposium Poster Award
    4. 2004 UF College of Public Health and Health Professions Research Day Poster Award
    5. 2002 Spring Employee of the Quarter, Methodist Rehabilitation Center.
    6. 1997 Administrator’s Award for Leadership, Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation.
    7. 1994 Faculty Recognition Award, Duke University Graduate Program in Physical Therapy, given for outstanding achievement in academic and clinical education, leadership, and service.


    10/2001: Assistive Technology Provider. Rehab Engineering Society of North America.
    03/2001: Certified Clinical Instructor. American Physical Therapy Association.


    2012 to present: Member, Society for Neuroscience
    2008 to present: Member, Society for the Neural Control of Movement
    2007 to present: Member, International Society for Posture and Gait Research
    1995 to present: American Physical Therapy Association & the Neurology Section
    2005 to 2009: Secretary, APTA SCI Special Interest Group
    2003 to 2005: APTA Neurology Section, Telecommunications Committee